Out Now: Incredulous on Amazon

JW Langley, January 2022

Well, this is cool.

Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird is now available on Amazon.

I mean, the Amazon thing isn’t particularly cool, obvs. Anyone who knows my politics knows my feelings on Bezos, billionaires and the other bastards of capitalism, but a boy’s gotta eat. In 2021, if you want to eat by selling books, this is the way it works, particularly for the little guys.

And in this very specific context, I am surprisingly little. Plus, I defer to the wisdom of my publishers in all things, because they know this biz and I do not.

All that said, THIS IS VERY COOL. I have a book. It is published. Written, edited, proofed, designed, print-proofed, e-converted, uploaded and ready to print/ship. If little Jonty, writing poems about zombies and loving all the writing bits of school could see me now, he’d be so impressed. If teenage Jonty, writing ‘erotic fiction’ about teachers in high school could see me now, he’d probably like that opening scene and then wonder when I became so lame – but hey – fuck that guy. He wasn’t even published.

But I am! Yay!

If you are going to buy the book, bless you and all your household. If you’re going to buy the paperback rather than the ebook, even more so! Amazon prices and shipping costs vary wildly depending on where you are, so I am also going to offer it for sale from me directly. My shipping costs are uniformly expensive (hooray for consistency!) but I’ll be charging less than Jeff’s Evil Emporium for the book itself.

Honestly, I’ve been trying for days to work out how to set up a system (with he lovely Gareth who made this incredible website) that will make shipping options simple, cheap and not too much of a ball-ache for me. I have failed. (If only someone would invent a site that has worldwide distribution on a massive scale and a huge online infrastructure to automate all this. Ah, dreams.)

Anyway. Point is: the book is out there. You can buy and read (or buy and not read – I’m not proud) Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird right this very second, if you like.

If you do, please could you review it on Amazon? Getting positive Amazon reviews is kind of a big deal in that, if I don’t had loads of reviews, Jeff and co will never recommend the book to anyone. I know. Brutal. And after all the nice things I’ve said about them.

So please do review. Honestly, that will be the most helpful thing you can do for me, aside from recommending to friends, sharing on social, passing it to movie producers and patting my head while calling me a good boy for finishing my book all up.

But, even if you don’t, this is still so cool. Yay!